The Magical Stone

Granite, Marble and Jade, popularly worn by many people, are extracted from mountainous stones which are formed after thousands of years under natural environment. After these stones are polished, they will display their dazzling and bright colors immediately. These stones manifest their gorgeous natural and elegant patterns to beautify and decorate just about any house.

Granite and Marble are wonderful gifts from nature, They look solid externally. However, they are actually “weak internally”. On their surface, there are many low densities of “tiny holes” with strong water absorption power. Therefore, they are not suitable for layering wet and moist areas. It is for this reason that experienced renovation contractors and workers insist on using “dry laying” method. Workers will be very careful in ensuing that the lower and upper layer of the floor are sealed with one layer of water proof cement. This is to prevent moisture being permeated and absorbed thereby affecting their color and luster.

Do you notice that the color of the newly laid Granite or Marble are dim during the raining season at year end? Sometimes, they might have different patches of colors scattered around. This is the result of the wet environment and weather.

Do not be unduly worried by the uneven color patches on the stone. Majority of them will gradually disappear when the weather turns warm. If you pay close attention, you might discover that some patterns and spots might change shape and move about. or they may strangely grow some white spot or brown spot all of a sudden.

These spectacular granite and grotesque stones are very magical and amusing indeed!