Marble Epoxy Treatment, a cost effective way to solve your Marble problems!


For certain Marbles with un-solid surface, broken holes and cracks, tiny pores, chips or poor workmanship.

Special epoxy chemical treatment plus high gloss Italy quality diamond disc / powder re-grinding of existing Marble flooring @$3.30/sqft


* Marble maintenance tips for your reference.

* Free bottle of neutral Marble care liquid to protect and lock in the beautiful shine.

* Instructions leaflet on How to remove stain or color marks on Marble surfaces for your reference.

Process (1) – Patch Up And Epoxy Chemical Treatment

Day 1 :

Use Marble grinding machine to remove the dirt and stain marks on the surface. Then use the special Marble powder to patch up and fill up the holes, cracks and broken gaps.

Day 2 :

Use the grinding machine to remove the excess powder residue on the Marble surface. Pour the liquid Epoxy on the Marble floor and allow the Marble floor to absorb. So avoid walking and stepping around the floor for this special day.

Day 3 :

Strictly no entry as to prevent unwanted foot or shoe prints on Marble floor.

Day 4 :

Check whether the Epoxy is totally dried up and hard enough to grind and polish.

Process (2) – High Gloss Italy Quality Diamond Disc And Powder Grinding And Polishing

Day 5 :

Use grinding machine together with the diamond disc and start to grind the Marble floor until flat and smooth. After polishing, they will display their dazzling and bright colors immediately.

Day 6 :

Finally use the high gloss Italy quality diamond powder to grind until Marble floor restore its beautiful shine.

High Gloss Beautiful Marble Floor Starts Here:

After the whole process, there is no need to apply a layer of waxing to the Marble surface of the flooring. And how to protect and lock in the beautiful shine? Do remember to follow our Maintenance Tips to preserve the gloss and long lasting beautiful shine on Marble flooring. For more information on Marble, do read up on “The Magical Stone”.


Do not use alkaline, acidic based or liquid wax detergent products. All these products are highly corrosive and will eventually cause the Marble to gradually lose their original sheen.